Hur Labs

Testing Excellence - Reliable measuring equipment for professionals

HUR Labs is a world leading vendor of devices for measuring of human performance. Our products include strength, jump and balance testing as well as balance training equipment. HUR Labs products are used widely from physiotherapy clinics to internationally known research hospitals, from personal trainers to top premier league football teams and from small testing labs to universities worldwide. HUR Labs distribution network covers over 30 countries from USA to Japan and from South Africa to Iceland.

All HUR Labs products are manufactured in Kokkola, Finland. HUR Labs also import Swedish Monark ergometers, as well as the Japanese Tanita Body Composition Analyzers for professional use. All Monark ergometers sold worldwide includes software made by HUR Labs. All Tanita body composition analyzer are available with HUR Labs software.

We provide installation, training and after-sales service to all of our products. Our product support for both equipment and software is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and many other languages via our distributors. 

By using reliable testing equipment you map your client's physical condition and functional capacity, and at the same time monitor the training results. For more information, please contact us.